What is Marble Wallet?

Marble is a fully customizable non-custodial wallet that takes seconds for your users to set up.

What is Marble Wallet?

Marble is a fully customizable non-custodial wallet that takes seconds for your users to set up. Embed Marble your platform to make onboarding users into web3 wicked fast with simple email or phone number login. Users who are new to web3 take 90% less time to set up their wallets with Marble vs regular wallets (no seed phrases or chrome extensions needed for setup).

Marble’s headless SDK makes it easy for developers to not only embed Marble’s wallet, but also fully customize to your platform’s native experience. Marble supports multiple chains and is universally compatible across apps.

Use Cases

Marble Wallet's ease-of-use makes it versatile and enables it to be used in multiple situations where an easy-to-use and convenient wallet solution may be needed. Here are some examples:

Consumer apps (NFT marketplaces, token-gated experiences, etc.)

Marble is a great solution for consumer apps because it enables users who don’t have a wallet yet to onboard quickly and securely. As a result of not requiring seed phrases and browser extensions, users can sign up for their first wallet in seconds.

Furthermore, since Marble comes with an integrated fiat on-ramp, support for Wallet Connect, and a wallet view, users can take their assets to other applications right away.

Multi-sig Guardians (i.e. Gnosis SAFE)

Marble is a great tool for Gnosis Safe guardians because it enables them to control a wallet safely and securely without having to worry about the security and complexity of seed phrases, browser extensions, or chain-specific wallets. Marble can enable any individual in your company to participate in the governance of funds by removing the need and barrier to control an extension-based wallet like MetaMask.


Marble is a great solution for on-chain games because, in addition to easy onboarding, it allows developers to fully customize the appearance of the wallet onboarding screens. Furthermore, gamers can take their assets to other third-party apps and libraries, like NFT Marketplaces or DEXs. This is because Marble is self-custodial and works with dapps across the internet (where it’s implemented or via Wallet Connect).

DeFi / Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), etc.

Marble can enable users to navigate the decentralized web by enabling access to any type of application, including DeFi. Since Marble is self-custodial, there are no regulatory restrictions on what apps Marble can be used on.

Getting Started with Marble

If you are an application developer and you want to get started with Marble, you can check out our developer documentation.


How is Marble self-custodial?

  • Marble uses a combination of client-side cryptography and threshold signatures to safeguard your wallet.
  • Instead of a regular wallet which uses one private key, we use a new cryptographic technology called Threshold Signatures (which is a form of Multi Party Computation - MPC)that allows us to independently generate multiple private shares. These shares need to work together in order to sign transactions.
  • Learn more about our security and self-custody model on our Security page. We also have a more in-depth Security and Infrastructure Overview that details our technical architecture.

How much does Marble Wallet cost?

  • Marble Wallet is completely free to end-users.
  • The core Marble experience is currently free. We are still finalizing pricing, but we expect to charge for a “pro” version that includes premium node access, customization, and other useful features. Additionally, we consider charging convenience fees on swaps (or a subset of transactions). We’re flexible and we’re wiling to work with you to find a price point that makes most sense!

How can Marble be customized?

The Marble embeddable UI is fully customizable (pro feature). This means that the color palette, borders, and even messages can be updated by the developer.

Interested in a demo or more customizability? Send us a note at friends@marblewallet.com

Here’s an example of what this may look like:

Marble Wallet Customization Demo with Station.Express